Project Management

FASTCO has excellent project cargo management capabilities backed by a dedicated monitoring team and we provide the following services and solutions :

  • Outsourcing plan: We strategize a very organized plan with regards to all the works outsourced. We take into account the exact requirements of the clients and check our in-house capabilities to make sure that we deliver as per the expectations always
  • Efficient Documentation: We use a standard documentation process to keep a note of all the works assigned to us and to take necessary actions without causing any time lags
  • Project Analysis: We analyze our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the coercion of outsourcing logistics compared to the in-house solutions
  • Use of a full-bodied selection Process: We use the most modern selection process. We make use of third-party companies to meet requirements that falls out of our capacity to provide seamless solutions to our clients. We do this using a pragmatic selection process.
  • Setting the right expectations: We always set the expectations right so that the clients have transparency on the costs incurred. This will help to avoid any sort of hiccups at a later point of time, especially during the completion phase of the project
  • Use of effective tools: We use the most modern set of tools available to gather the requirements and provide solutions to customer requirements and to avoid pitfalls
  • Legitimate Legal Documentation: We create all required documents that help to avoid confusion with the terms of usage. We note down the terms that are agreed upon when a project is assigned to us. We also mention the areas that are beyond our scope. We sign legal documents with our clients to provide the best services
  • Setting Targets: We always set the right targets when a project is initiated. This helps to deliver on time following the best plans. This also helps to bring up corrective measures if and when required
  • Performance reviews: We constantly review our performance to make sure that we excel in all projects. This helps to eliminate mistakes and also help us to deliver the task faster the next time
  • Implementing a Cost-effective system: We strive hard to avoid unnecessary charges by implementing a cost-effective system for all our endeavours. We provide the most economic services without compromising on the quality standards by following a close monitoring. We also analyze the differences between the actual costs and projects costs to provide the best to our clients
  • Maintaining a strong bonding: In order to make the outsourcing job a success, the relation between the clients and the outsource partners must be amiable. We always communicate well with our customers and eliminate room for concerns and misunderstanding to maintain a strong bonding with our clients and partners.